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Psychologists Off The Clock


We are four clinical psychologists who love to chat about the best ideas from psychology.

In this podcast, we explore the psychological principles we use in our clinical work, and bring you ideas from psychology that can help you flourish in your work, parenting, relationships, and health.

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Latest Episodes

122. Taking in the Good with Dr. Rick Hanson

The brain is continually being changed...the only question is, 'is it being changed for the better and who is doing the changing?’ -Rick Hanson Your brain is “Velcro for negative experiences and Teflon for positive ones,” according to neuropsychologist Dr. Rick Hanson. What if you could re-wire your brain to be more grateful, loving, and resilient? In today’s episode, Dr. Hanson offers strategies to use self-directed neuroplasticity to change your [...]

121. Be Mighty: An Episode for Stressed Out, Worried Women with Dr. Jill Stoddard

Women of the world, are you stressed out and worried? Do you find yourself up fretting at 4 a.m.? If so, you’re not alone! In a culture where women are expected to look perfect, juggle relationships and career effortlessly, and “just deal” with the harsh realities of misogyny and gender inequities, is it any wonder we’re also twice as likely to be stressed out, overwhelmed, and anxious? Fortunately, there are [...]

120. Use DBT Skills To Regulate Emotions And Be More Effective In Relationships With Dr. Matthew McKay

“Helping people get down-regulation skills is really important, not only to help them feel better emotionally but to also help them lead less impulsive and dangerous lives.” -Dr. Matthew McKay Some of us have a harder time managing our emotions and find ourselves engaging in impulsive and destructive behaviors to cope with them. Enter Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), an approach developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan, that’s proven effective at helping [...]

119. Holiday Episode Guide

The holiday season means joy and connection, but it also means an onslaught of stressors. It can be helpful to think about how to manage the challenges more effectively, as well as  enhance the positive elements of what the holidays bring. Many of our previous episodes can help us do just that! In this episode, we point you to previous episodes that can help you navigate the holidays. Episodes to help [...]

118. Moral Injury and Shame with Dr. Lauren Borges and Dr. Jacob Farnsworth

  Photo by Joao Tzanno on Unsplash  Shame, betrayal, guilt, anger. As social animals, humans are wired to have moral emotions that bind us to our groups. When we experience a transgression against our moral values, we might experience Moral Injury. Moral injury is a normal human response to a violation of our strongly held moral beliefs, and it can have a deep impact on people’s lives, making [...]

117. Bearing Unbearable Loss: A conversation About Grief with Dr. Joanne Cacciatore

   At some point, each and every one of us will lose someone we love. But grief is no cakewalk. And however hard grief is, the pain gets exponentially greater when we are met with the deafening silence and discomfort of others. Join us to create space and a voice for grief with a frank conversation about death, love, and the heartbreaking journey of bearing unbearable loss. In this touching [...]

116. Building a Meaningful, Values-based Life with Dr. Jenna LeJeune

   Living a values-based life is different from a goals-oriented one. A values-based life encompasses more than trying to “feel good” or get to a final destination. When you direct your life toward what really matters to you, you will feel an increased sense of meaning and vitality, whatever situation you find yourself in. Values-based living has greater depth and staying power than goals and resolutions. Join Debbie and Dr. [...]

115. Creating Meaningful Gatherings with Co-hosts Dr. Debbie Sorensen and Dr. Diana Hill

   Whether you are planning a holiday dinner, a work conference, or a group therapy session, how you design your gathering has a big impact on its outcome. In this episode, Diana and Debbie use the book The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker to explore strategies to make your groups transformative. Grab a slice of pie, some people you love, and enjoy an episode all about meeting with purpose! [...]

114. The Way of Effortless Mindfulness with Loch Kelly

   Ready to take your mindfulness practice to the next level? What if you could approach life by relaxing back and down into an already awake mind and heart? Join Diana for an inspiring and illuminating discussion with Loch Kelly, seasoned meditator and author of the bestselling book The Way of Effortless Mindfulness: A Revolutionary Guide for Living an Awakened Life about awake awareness, an advanced form of mindfulness that, through little [...]

113. Self-Compassion for Parents with Dr. Susan Pollak

   Parenting can be joyful, but, let’s be honest, it can also be a rough ride sometimes! We try to be good parents to our children and still discover we feel we are falling short. Author and clinical expert, Dr. Susan Pollak, joins Yael for a discussion about how self-compassion can help you journey through parenting more effectively, confidently, and happily. Join the conversation to learn:What self-compassion is and why [...]

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87. Cribsheet with Dr. Emily Oster

Dr. Emily Oster joins Yael to discuss her new book, Cribsheet: A Data-Driven Guide to Better, More Relaxed Parenting, From Birth to Preschool. Emily discusses how data and decision-making strategies can guide better and more [...]