37. Post-Traumatic Growth

Are You Looking To Find Meaning In Adversity? 

Curious How People Can Grow And Thrive After Trauma?

Want To Explore Beyond Symptoms Of Traumatic Stress Toward Post-Traumatic Growth?

This Episode Is Dedicated To The People Of Santa Barbara, And Anyone Else Who Has Faced A Difficult Experience In Life. 

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36. Weight Loss Strategies From Acceptance And Commitment Therapy With Dr. Jason Lillis

Are You Interested In A Fresh Perspective On Weight Loss In The New Year?

Do You Wonder If Your Efforts To "fix" Your Weight Problem May Be Making Things Worse?

Are You Looking For Motivation That Will Be Long-Standing And Effective?

Join Us For An Interview With Dr. Jason Lillis, Acclaimed Weight Loss Researcher And Author Of The Diet Trap!

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35. Diana and Debbie Off The Clock

Curious What Diana And Debbie Are Reading And Practicing Off The Clock?

Want An Update From Diana On The Thomas Fire In Santa Barbara? 

Want To Know If The Myth Of Santa Is Harmful To Kids?

Curious How To Handle Political Differences With Family Over The Holidays?

Then Join Us For This Mailbag Episode Where We Answer Questions From Listeners And Each Other!

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33. Couples with Young Children: Relationship Challenges and Strategies with Dr. Yael Schonbrun

Have You Discovered That Your Relationship Has Changed After Children Entered Your Life?

Finding That Sleep Deprivation And Parenting Stress Are Making It Hard To Stay Connected To Your Partner?

Looking For Suggestions From Psychology On How To Improve Your Relationship During The Young Kids Phase Of Parenthood? 

Put Down That Sippy Cup And Join Us! 

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31. DBT for Binge Eating with Dr. Debra Safer

Do You Struggle With Overeating In Response To Strong Emotions?

Do You Want To Learn About An Evidence-Based Treatment For Binge Eating Called Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

Are You Curious To Learn Helpful Skills Like Dialectical Commitment And Wise Mind For The Treatment Of Emotional Overeating?

Join Us For An Interview With Dr. Debra Safer, A Leading Researcher On DBT For Binge Eating Disorder!

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