If you care about your health, but aren’t the type of person who loves to jump out of bed, hit the gym, and reward your efforts with a kale smoothie, this is the podcast episode for you! We all know what healthy behaviors are, but most of us struggle with how to engage in them, especially when they feel hard and unenjoyable. Join Debbie for an engaging discussion with Dr. Dayna Lee-Baggley, author of Healthy Habits Suck: How to Get Off the Couch and Live a Healthy Life….Even if You Don’t Want To, about evidence-based strategies on how to overcome the internal obstacles that make behavior change hard, and how to sustain lifelong healthy habits.

Listen and Learn:

· Why healthy habits violate the hard-wiring of our “caveman brain”

· How linking health habits to values can make them more meaningful and build motivation

· The benefits of focusing on behaviors rather than outcomes to foster success

· What is a “smart goal” and how to make them work for you

· How to work with the thoughts and emotions that makes healthy habits hard


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