Self-care is a hot topic these days and many of us feel like we should be doing more of it. Yet, the last thing we we need is another “to do” on our list. In this episode, Dr. Robyn Gobin and Diana talk about why self-care is more than just pedicures and bubble baths. Dr. Gobin shares her personal experience with self-care and strategies you can put into practice today. So, practice some real self-care and take a listen!

Listen and Learn:

‧ The 6 domains of self-care

‧ Why “listening in” and mindfulness are keys to physical self-care

‧ How Dr. Gobin is working to change the narrative around self-care and mental health in communities of color

‧ How to use “Emptying The Jug” to tend to your Emotional Self-Care

‧ How Dr. Gobin practices self-care on her busiest days and what Diana is doing for self-care before bed

‧ Simple strategies for therapist self-care


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