Have your friends or loved ones suggested for you to chill out or relax? If our first podcast episode with Hope Arnold, about excessive self-control, leaves you wondering how to help with this biologically-based personality trait, then keep listening! Join Debbie for another engaging discussion with Hope Arnold, senior clinician and trainer in Radically Open Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (RO DBT), for evidence-based strategies on how to work with “over controlling” biology in the service of loosening up a bit, more fulfilling relationships, and gaining the capacity to just chill!

Listen and Learn:

· Why eyebrows are important and too much Botox might be a problem.

· The benefits of being “ordinary,” being wrong, and seeing what hard experiences can teach us about ourselves.

· How our threat and safety systems play into overcontrol and treatment

· The importance of “social signaling”

· How “Radical Openness” differs from “Radical Acceptance”


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