Are You Interested In Learning How To Apply The Latest Techniques For Self-Care In Coping With Infertility?

What Is The Psychological Impact Of Infertility And Infertility Treatment?

How Do You Navigate Relationships Along The Infertility Journey?

In this episode, Dr. Rae Littlewood interviews Ann Bracken, author of the book Mind, Body, Baby: How to Overcome Stress and Enhance Your Fertility with CBT, Mindfulness, and Good Nutrition.With an approach that puts mind body health at the heart of fertility, this easy-to-follow guide provides clear strategies to overcome emotional stress, improve relationships, communicate with fertility consultants, and support individual and couple wellbeing. We discuss how mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) skills can be used to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with fertility problems and to improve communication and support for the individual and the couple on the fertility journey. 

Resources for Infertility

Mind, Body, Baby is now available and you can contact Ann Bracken through her website:

Resolve: The National Infertility Association

Here are a few articles published by RESOLVE

American Society for Reproductive Medicine

21 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Struggling With Infertility

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