Are You Wondering How Your Brain Will Change As You Age?

Do You Want To Take Steps Now To Keep Your Brain Healthy As Long As Possible?

Are “Brain Games” Worth The Time And Money?

We’re Here With Research-Based Tips About Staying Sharp And Healthy As You Age!

In this episode, Dr. Debbie Sorensen and Dr. Rae Littlewood discuss aging, the brain, and the mind. They explore recent psychology research about whether “brain games” are an effective way to boost brain power, and offer tips for what you can do now that might help preserve cognitive functioning as much as possible into later life.

In this episode you will learn:

How the brain typically changes with age, and what that means for memory and other cognitive abilities.

What science has to say about the effectiveness of “brain games.”

Lifestyle factors that might make a difference in preserving brain health.


Recent review paper on the effectiveness of “brain games” by Dr. Dan Simons and collaborators.

Article viewing cognitive practices that might make more of a difference.

Link to video on “6 Ways To Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk”

Information on the benefits of exercise on the aging brain

A research article on the benefits of exercise on the aging brain

A study of meditation and the aging brain

The changing brain and healthy aging

More about the biology of aging and lifestyle factors

Link to research review article: “Enrichment Effects on Adult Cognitive Development” (and the link to a press report/brief summary of the article)

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