Are You In Your Body?

Do You Wonder What It Means To Be “Embodied” And How It Is Linked To Your Mental Health?

Are You Ready For An Experiential Episode Where You Can Practice Embodiment Right Now?

Then Grab Your Body And Join Us!

Much of our day is spent processing our external world and ignoring the sometimes wild and sometimes subtle internal world. In this episode Dr. Diana Hill and Dr. Debbie Sorensen explore the concept of embodiment–awareness of your body from the inside. We will draw from  the lessons of Dr. Bo Forbes and Katy Bowman to explore how entering our bodies can support mental wellbeing and psychological flexibility. Dr. Hill will guide Debbie Sorensen (and YOU!) in experiential exercises to explore embodied awareness.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Diana’s academic and personal background in embodiment
  • How neuroscientists define embodiment (interception)
  • The difference between interception, proprioception, and vestibular sensation (using your feet!)
  • How mental health disorders such as eating disorders, anxiety disorders and chronic pain may be related to disconnection from the body
  • How subjective experience of pain is related to disembodiment
  • How psychologist and yoga teacher Dr. Bo Forbes teaches embodiment check ins
  • How embodiment work from Katy Bowman has influenced Diana’s understanding of psychological health

Resources to explore:

Body Scan Meditation with Kabat Zinn on You Tube

The Appetite Awareness Workbook: How to Listen to Your Body and Overcome Bingeing, Overeating and Obsession with Food

Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman

Workshops and Intensives with Dr. Bo Forbes

Bo Forbes on YouTube

Decoding the Body Watcher (Seppla, 2012)

Research on Interoception

Mindfulness meditation training alters cortical representations of interoceptive attention (Segal and Farb, 2013)

Interception, contemplative practice and health (Farb et al., 2015)

The impact of acceptance versus control rationales on pain tolerance (Hayes et al., 1999)

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