Do You Want To Know How To Balance Acceptance And Change In Romantic Relationships?

Do You Wonder If It’s Possible To Heal After An Affair Or Other Relationship Infraction?

Are You Curious What Happens Inside A Couples’ Therapy Room?

Then Join Us As We Talk With Relationship Expert, Dr. Yael Schonbrun!

Today we are going to explore an evidence-based approach to couples therapy “Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy” with Dr. Yael Shonbrun. Dr. Shonbrun describes the components of an acceptance-based behavioral therapy for couples and gives a framework for how to approach relationship infractions such as affairs. 

Yael Chatav Schonbrun, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in private practice and assistant professor at Brown University. She is also a mother to three boys. She blogs for Psychology Today and is writing a book on straddling ambitious professional goals and engaged family life. Find Yael on Facebook or Twitter or visit for more of her writing.


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