Ever Wonder If The Food You Eat Is Affecting Your Mood And Thinking?

Curious To Learn What The Standard American Diet Does To The Human Brain From An Evolutionary Science Perspective?

Do You Want To Learn More About Different Types Of Fats And The Optimal Ratio Of Fats For Neuronal Growth And Protection?

Did You Know That Your Microbiome (The Bacteria In Your Gut) May Be Contributing To Stress, Anxiety, And Depression?

Grab Some Kale Chips, And Join Us As We Discuss Food And The Brain!

Nutritional psychology is a movement in mental health that focuses on how food impacts brain health and mental wellness. We all know that what we eat impacts our risk for chronic diseases of the body, but there is also growing research suggesting that what we eat impacts our mood, cognition and long term brain health. In this episode Dr. Diana Hill will explore the impact of our current Standard American Diet on our brains, and discuss research on what fats are most beneficial for your brain. Dr. Debbie Sorensen will examine the role of our microbiome on brain and mood.


Diana’s recipe for Quinoa Cakes

Picture of Omega 3 rich Persalane

The Monetary Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Fish List

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The Hungry Brain by Stephan Guyenet

The MIND Diet by Maggie Moon

Eat Complete by Drew Ramsey

The Happiness Diet by Drew Ramsey

APA Montior Article on the Microbiome

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