Do You Want To Eat To Help Your Brain Stay Sharp As You Age?

Want To Learn About 10 Types Of Food Recommended By The Mind Diet?

Looking For Practical Ideas To Add More Brain-Boosting Foods To Your Cooking Routine?

The MIND Diet was created by researchers hoping to reduce risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of cognitive decline through nutrition. In this episode, Dr. Diana Hill and Dr. Debbie Sorensen continue their conversation about nutrition and the brain by discussing the research supporting the MIND Diet. They present the ten categories of food emphasized in the MIND Diet, and talk about why each seems to matter for brain health. They even present some practical ideas for ways they incorporate these foods in their own lives!


The MIND Diet: A Scientific Approach to Enhancing Brain Function and Helping Prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia by Maggie Moon

Eat Complete by Dr. Drew Ramsey

The Happiness Diet by Dr. Drew Ramsey

The Hungry Brain by Stephan Guyenet

Tartine Bread by Chad Robertson  (sourdough bread recipe)

Cooked by Michael Pollan (sourdough bread recipe)


A recipe for beets and beet greens, similar to the one Debbie made for Diana.

Learn how to catch wild yeast for sourdough

Bone broth from a roasted chicken

How to make beans from scratch

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