19. Keeping Children Safe from Sexual Abuse with Feather Berkower

Are You A Parent Or Child Professional Who Is Committed To Keeping Children Safe? 

Do You Want Practical Strategies For Reducing The Risk Of Childhood Sexual Abuse? 

Are You Unsure How To Talk To Children About Their Bodies? 

Empower Yourself To Help Prevent Childhood Sexual Abuse By Listening To This Important Episode! 

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and adults can take steps to reduce the chance that their children will experience sexual abuse. In this important episode, Dr. Debbie Sorensen interviews Feather Berkower, renowned expert on sexual abuse prevention and co-author (along with Sandy K. Wurtele) of the book Off Limits: A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Kids Safe from Sexual Abuse. Feather Berkower is the founder of Parenting Safe Children, and has trained over 100,000 children, parents, and professionals in her popular workshop, Parenting Safe Children, which empowers adults to keep children safe from sexual abuse.

In this episode you will learn:

How parents can reduce the chances of sexual abuse, and how to create a “prevention team” of adults in your child’s life.

Body Safety rules you can teach your child.

Behaviors to watch out for when adults are with children.

Whether there are particular children who are most vulnerable.

The relationship between educating kids about sexual development and the risk of childhood sexual abuse.


The Parenting Safe Children webpage.  

Feather’s book Off Limits: A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Kids Safe from Sexual Abuse.

The Parenting Safe Children workshop calendar and registration. 

Online workshop, for those outside the Denver Metro

Books for Children:

Some Parts are Not for Sharing by Julie K. Federico

I Said No! A Kid-to-kid Guide to Keeping Private Parts Private by Kimberly & Zack King

It’s Not the Stork by Robbie H. Harris

Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept by Jayneen Sanders