Want To Learn More About The Psychologists Off The Clock Co-Hosts?

Curious About Why We Do This Podcast?

Interested In Hearing About Our Career Paths And Our Lives Outside Of Work?

Join Us For A Very Special Episode With Drs. Debbie Sorensen, Diana Hill, And Yael Schonbrun!

In this episode, we welcome our new co-host Dr. Yael Schonbrun! 

Yael is an assistant professor at Brown University, clinical psychologist in private practice, writer, and mother of three. Yael, Debbie and Diana share about the values we are living by doing this podcast, our background and training in clinical psychology, and our careers when we are “on the clock.”

We also answer questions about our personal lives such as:

  • What other podcasts do we listen to?

  • What non-psychology books do we read?

  • What is something we have suggested to a client but struggle with in our own lives?

About the Co-Hosts