Do you find yourself so distracted by your phone, email, text, or social media that it’s pulling you away from things that matter?  According to Nir Eyal, author of the best-selling book Indistractable, technology is not the enemy. We merely need to learn how to identify and manage the internal and external triggers that lead to distraction and make more time for traction–showing up for what matters. Join Jill for her first Psychologists Off The Clock interview with Nir Eyal as they talk about how to make yourself indistractable.

Listen and Learn:

  • What is distraction, and its opposite, traction
  • Why we get so easily distracted
  • What are internal and external triggers of distraction
  • How we can change our relationship to internal triggers
  • How we can change our environment to “hack back” external distractions

About Nir Eyal