In this episode, author and meditation expert Jeff Warren reveals the art, science, and fun of meditation for the fidgety skeptics among us. If your interest has been piqued by the buzz around meditation but you haven’t been able (or willing) to develop a meditation practice, then check out Yael’s conversation with Jeff Warren. Jeff is the co-author of the recent best seller, Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics: A 10% Happier How-to Book.

Listen and Learn

  • What “counts” as meditation (hint: satin cushions, an empty mind, and major life changes are not required).
  • Why equanimity is the “super juice” of meditation.
  • The benefits (and drawbacks) of incorporating technology into a meditation practice.
  • How Jeff deals with intense emotions and fidgety-ness in his own meditation practice.

About Jeff Warren

Photo of Jeff Warren
Jeff Warren

Jeff is a meditation teacher, writer, founder of the Consciousness Explorers Club, and co-author of the recent best seller, Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics. In this book, authors Jeff Warren, Dan Harris (ABC News correspondent and Good Morning America co-anchor), and Carlye Adler offer an irreverent exploration of the how’s and why’s of meditation. Jeff and his co-authors translate the science and practice of meditation with wisdom, wit, and by revealing their own personal challenges.

Using his humor and personal touch, Jeff has successfully taught meditation concepts and practices to audiences ranging from the Canadian Royal Mounted Police to squirmy six-year-olds to suspicious journalists. Jeff’s ongoing work includes his Consciousness Explorer’s Club, his weekly YouTube “Do Nothing Project,” and his traveling workshop and book aiming to teach individuals how to start their own local meditation groups using his Community Activation Kit. In addition to Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics, Jeff is also the author of The Head Trip: Adventures on the Wheel of Consciousness. He offers guided meditations on the 10% Happier app and is a semi-regular guest on the 10% Happier Podcast.


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