In this episode, Robyn Walser, a frequent guest of the podcast, and Debbie explore how we can be our “better angels” in the midst of these extreme challenges. We can do this by making values-based decisions, while still caring for ourselves and our loved ones. Dr. Walser discusses strategies for effectively caring for one’s mental health in this current moment of extreme trauma and stress, and beyond. We talk about mental health factors like anxiety, alcohol/substance abuse, and sleep. Then we explore how we can come together collectively to find meaning and hope during these difficult times with the new coronavirus, COVID-19. 

During this time of global crisis with COVID-19, many of us are experiencing fear, sadness, anger, and anxiety. We are all impacted by this pandemic, directly or indirectly, and many are experiencing a high level of stress. Therefore, it is a time when caring for both physical and mental wellness, is more important than ever.