Dr. Ilyse Dobrow DiMarco joins Yael for a conversation about how evidence-based psychology can help moms deal more effectively with stress. If you, too, have complicated feelings about being #grateful and/or wanting to sell your child to the highest bidder, join us for a conversation about managing the emotional challenges of parenthood.

Listen to discover:

· The normal range of maternal emotions

· How to recruit helpful support

· How to clarify your values as a parent

· Strategies for better self-care



About Dr. Ilyse Dobrow DiMarco

Ilyse is a clinical psychologist, diplomate of the academy of Cognitive herapy, and writer who specializes in treating stressed out moms using evidence-based approaches (when she isn’t busy being a stressed out mom to her own two young boys). Ilyse’s writing has been featured in ScaryMommy, Motherwell, Motherly, PopSugar, and she hosts her own blog, drcbtmom.com. Ilyse is currently working on a book which explores mom stress and offers helpful guidance from the world of cognitive behavioral therapy.


Ilyse’s blog, Dr. CBT Mom

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