What if you could slow down the clock on your aging? According to aging expert and Harvard geneticist, Dr. David Sinclair, we now have the knowledge and technology to live longer lives, healthier. In his revolutionary research, Dr. Sinclair has identified mechanisms behind aging giving us clues into the behaviors and molecules that can potentially extend life. 

Listen and Learn:

  • Why is aging a disease and how can it be slowed
  • What are longevity genes and what role do they play in health
  • What is epigenetics and how does it relate to aging and health
  • What is hormesis and why is being too comfortable bad for our longevity
  • What behavioral strategies can you start today that will lead to a longer life
  • What molecules Dr. Sinclair’s lab is researching that could be our future fountain of youth
  • What are the social and individual impacts of living longer with more health
  • What does Dr. David Sinclair do ea