According to neuropsychologist Dr. William Stixrud, parents should be their kids’ consultants, not their managers. When we spend our time trying to control our kids, we weaken them and exhaust ourselves. In this episode, Diana talks with Dr. Stixrud about his book The Self-Driven Child: The Science and Sense of Giving Your Kids More Control Over Their Lives. Additionally, they discuss how to support healthy development, self-motivation, and emotional resilience in our kids. This episode is a game-changer for parents and clinicians, but, of course, “It’s your call” if you want to listen!

Listen and Learn

  • Why giving kids more sense of control sets them up to thrive
  • A more effective approach to homework battles, technology use, and underage drinking
  • The parenting magic of the words, “It’s your call”
  • How to prepare your kids for college (and it’s not practicing SAT’s!)

About Dr. William Stixrud: