In this episode, Dr. Alex Pang is back on the podcast to discuss his new book, Shorter: Work Better, Smarter, and Less – Here’s How. Last time he came on the show (Episode 45. Rest with Dr. Alex Pang), Alex told our listeners about the surprising benefits of deliberate rest on productivity and creativity. In his new book, he takes his ideas to a new level by exploring how organizations can help prevent burnout and dissatisfaction, and even increase profits, by shifting to shorter workweeks. 

In an era where overworking has been the norm, many of us feel we have to put in long hours at the office, and then go home to work even more. With modern technology, many feel the pressure to be working constantly. But a culture of overworking can be costly to individuals, leading to burnout and dissatisfaction. For organizations, a culture of overwork can lead to high turnover and employees who are less productive and creative than they could be. 

By taking a fresh perspective on how we structure our work into shorter workweeks, Dr. Pang offers a hopeful alternative, backed up by research and successful examples, of a new workplace culture that supports a better work-life balance for all.