As media and technology increasingly dominate our lives, we are spending less time in nature. This lifestyle change may be impacting not only our well being and physical health but also our cognitive abilities. Take a walk with Drs. Diana Hill and Debbie Sorensen while listening to this episode investigating 6 benefits of nature on your wellbeing, how ecotherapy is integrated into Eastern medicine, and Diana’s top 10 strategies to get more nature today! Spend time in nature to gain improve your mental health.

Do You Wonder Why Nature Is The Ultimate Multivitamin?

Are You Curious How Spending Time in Nature Impacts Your Cognition, Mood, And Eye Health?

Do You Want To Upgrade Your Walking Experience From “blah” To “awe”?

Then Join Diana And Debbie In This Experiential Walk Through The Psychology Of Nature!

Before you head out, take the Positive and Negative Affect Schedule to score your mood. Take it again when you return and learn how nature impacts you!


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