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82. Clinician's Corner: Therapist Self-Doubt with Jim Lucas

As therapists, we may sometimes doubt whether our skills are good enough to help our clients. Surprisingly, self-doubt may actually be useful, when used courageously as a tool for improvement. In this episode, Debbie speaks with Jim Lucas, a therapist in the UK who specializes in training and supporting mental health professionals. They discuss:

‧ The upside of self-doubt

‧ The surprising relationship between therapist self-doubt and client outcomes 

‧ Balancing how to find self-compassion with the courage to improve your work 

‧ A brief self-inquiry exercise that can be used to foster healthy therapist self-doubt

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79. Thriving In Adolescence with Dr. Louise Hayes

How can we help adolescents develop skills to live well and reach their full potential? In this episode, Debbie talks to Dr. Louise Hayes, co-author of The Thriving Adolescent: Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Positive Psychology to Help Teens Manage Emotions, Achieve Goals, and Build Connection, about her developmental approach to adolescents that moves them from surviving this challenge time to thriving. 

You’ll learn about: 

‧The unique developmental tasks of adolescence

‧Why adaptive risk-taking is necessary and important in adolescence

‧How the skills of Discoverer, Noticer, Advisor and Vitality (DNA-V) help adolescents develop flexible strength

‧What matters most for parents of teenagers

‧Why adolescents are sunsets…not problems to be solved

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77. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Dr. Jill Stoddard

Join us for a conversation about a powerful therapeutic approach and general guide to living well, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Dr. Jill Stoddard walks us through the principles of ACT, which have been shown to help individuals with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, relationship problems, and general stress improve their happiness and general well-being. Dr. Jill Stoddard explains the basics of ACT and how we can use ACT-based ideas and strategies to live more meaningfully. 

Join the conversation and learn how to become the “me you want to be”!

‧Learn about psychological flexibility, the ability to stay in touch with present circumstances so that you can make choices to persist or cease behaviors in the service of your most important values

‧Discover how reframing emotional pain can allow you to make that pain work better for you

‧Hear illuminating metaphors that bring to life the 6 core processes of ACT which help us to live more effectively

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61. Becoming Our Best Relationship Selves By Identifying Core Values And Schemas With Dr. Avigail Lev

Interested in deepening your understanding of how relationships work and how you can work them more skillfully?

Curious about how early childhood experiences influence your adult relationships?

Want to learn how to better handle pain in romantic relationships?

Join us for a journey into relationships with Dr. Avigail Lev!

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57. Evolution and Behavioral Science with Dr. Steven Hayes and Dr. David Sloan Wilson

Curious what evolution and behavioral sciences can learn from each other?

Wondering what traits make humans most unique as a species?

Want to hear two "big picture" thinkers discuss technology use, awe, and altruism?

Join us in an intellectually rich conversation with Evolutionary Scientist Dr. David Sloan Wilson and Behavioral Scientist Dr. Steven Hayes!

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36. Weight Loss Strategies From Acceptance And Commitment Therapy With Dr. Jason Lillis

Are You Interested In A Fresh Perspective On Weight Loss In The New Year?

Do You Wonder If Your Efforts To "fix" Your Weight Problem May Be Making Things Worse?

Are You Looking For Motivation That Will Be Long-Standing And Effective?

Join Us For An Interview With Dr. Jason Lillis, Acclaimed Weight Loss Researcher And Author Of The Diet Trap!

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