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96. Effective Conversations About Diversity Issues with Drs. Anatasia Kim and Alicia del Prado

Discussions of diversity issues are more important than ever. And yet, conversations about these topics can be difficult, polarizing, and ineffective, leading to anger and hurt on both sides.

In this episode, Debbie interviews Dr. Anatasia Kim and Dr. Alicia del Prado about their new book, It's Time to Talk (and Listen): How to Have Constructive Conversations About Race, Class, Sexuality, Ability, and Gender in a Polarized World. Drs. Kim and del Prado offer a glimpse into their practical eight-step approach, the Kim Constructive Conversations Model. This approach will help listeners get to that important next level in difficult conversations, by talking in an authentic and straightforward way about issues related to culture and diversity. 

If you’ve ever had discussions about diversity issues with co-workers, family, or friends that led to anger or frustration, this episode is for you! 

Listen and Learn:

·Why conversations about diversity issues can be so painful and difficult. 

·Why we might sometimes choose not to speak up about diversity issues, and why sometimes it’s worth the effort. 

·How values-guided conversations can promote healing.

·How to set an effective tone in a conversation, and how to raise difficult issues while maintaining the relationship.

·How to respond to valid emotions that may arise (like fear and anger), without losing effectiveness. 

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