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63. The Ape That Understood The Universe With Dr. Steve Stewart-Williams

Join us for an interview with Dr. Steve Stewart-Williams and discover:

How knowledge of our “human design” can help us to make better choices in our everyday lives.

How and why men and women differ in our desire for casual sex, our preferences in partners, and in our preferred levels of parental investment.

How knowing that we are not blank slates can empower us to be more effective in building value-driven lives.

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57. Evolution and Behavioral Science with Dr. Steven Hayes and Dr. David Sloan Wilson

Curious what evolution and behavioral sciences can learn from each other?

Wondering what traits make humans most unique as a species?

Want to hear two "big picture" thinkers discuss technology use, awe, and altruism?

Join us in an intellectually rich conversation with Evolutionary Scientist Dr. David Sloan Wilson and Behavioral Scientist Dr. Steven Hayes!

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