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92. Marriage in Midlife: The Rough Patch with Dr. Daphne de Marneffe

Is your marriage rewarding or is it feeing a bit mundane? Has sex become lifeless or non-existent? Do you miss the person you used to be before marriage? It is common for most  long-term relationships to hit a “rough patch” during the mid-life years. What does it take to weather the rough patch and end up with a supportive, lasting marriage? 

In this episode, author and couples therapist Dr. Daphne de Marneffe discuss her new book, The Rough Patch: Marriage and the Art of Living Together, with Yael. Daphne offers us wisdom in overcoming marital challenges, Including challenges in our sexual relationships. Listen and discover new and helpful ways to understand and engage in your marriage!

Listen to hear more about:

‧ Why rough patches are inevitable in long-term committed relationships

‧ Why sex matters but at times is so challenging during the long haul

‧ Ways to approach differences in sexual desire

‧ Whether or not to worry about fantasies and crushes outside the marriage

‧ The difference between secrecy and privacy in marriage

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