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75. Mindful Self-Compassion with Dr. Christopher Germer

Self-compassion is a hot topic in psychology. It predicts everything from emotional resilience to therapy outcome. The exciting news is, with practice, you can increase your self-compassion. In this episode, Dr. Christopher Germer, pioneer in self-compassion and co-founder of the Mindful Self-Compassion Program, discusses:

‧His personal struggle that led him to self-compassion

‧How being kinder to yourself impacts your well-being

‧Common fears about self-compassion that keep us stuck in self-criticism

‧How self-compassion benefits your romantic partnerships

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14. Mindful Parenting

What Is Mindful Parenting? 

Do You Want To Learn More Strategies And Rituals To Support Mindful Parenting?

What Does The Research Say About Mindful Parenting's Effectiveness?

Join Us For A Practical And Theoretical Conversation About Parenting With Conscious Awareness.

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