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95. Healing Racial Trauma with Dr. Kristee Haggins

Racism is a public health crisis with deep, ongoing negative impacts on psychological and physical health. In this episode, Dr. Kristee Haggins, an African centered psychologist, discusses how to support healing racial trauma. Dr. Haggins describes how black people can connect with the truth of their history, cultivate healing, and make choices that are good for themselves, their families, and larger communities. Dr. Haggins also offers recommendations for the work that those who do not identify as black can do to promote racial healing and change. 

Listen and Learn:

‧How do you know if you or someone you care about is experiencing racial trauma and stress? 

‧ Effective healing and self-care practices that black communities are using to heal together

‧ Internal and collective “work” white and other non-black people can do to promote systematic and grassroot change

‧ Ways in which mental health professionals can better meet the needs of black and other diverse communities 

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37. Post-Traumatic Growth

Are You Looking To Find Meaning In Adversity? 

Curious How People Can Grow And Thrive After Trauma?

Want To Explore Beyond Symptoms Of Traumatic Stress Toward Post-Traumatic Growth?

This Episode Is Dedicated To The People Of Santa Barbara, And Anyone Else Who Has Faced A Difficult Experience In Life. 

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