If you’re a parent you’ve likely had your buttons pushed by your toddler in the throes of a tantrum. We know we have! It’s downright difficult to handle your toddler’s distress and maintain your cool when they’re howling about you doing it “all wrong” … for the sixth time today.

In this episode Yael speaks with Dr. Schrag Hershberg, a clinical psychologist and author of The Tantrum Survival Guide: Tune into Your Toddler’s Mind (and Your Own) to Calm the Craziness and Make Family Fun Again, about what tantrums are, how to reduce their frequency and duration, and new and creative ways for parents to manage their own responses to these developmentally appropriate emotional meltdowns.


Listen and Learn:

  • What are tantrums and what function do they serve?
  • Strategies to reduce the intensity, frequency, and duration of tantrums
  • Common causes of toddler tantrums
  • How to reconnect with that loving feeling during a meltdown or painful developmental phase
  • Creative ways to interrupt a tantrum
  • Why timeouts and tantrums don’t mix
  • Striking the balance between love and limits
Dr. Schrag Herschberg

About Dr. Schrag Hershberg:

Rebecca Schrag Hershberg, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and founder of the Little House Calls Psychological Services which is based in New York and aimed at helping parents and families manage early childhood challenges. Dr. Schrag Hershberg is also the mother of two young boys and the author of The Tantrum Survival Guide: Tune into Your Toddler’s Mind (and Your Own) to Calm the Craziness and Make Family Fun Again. She


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