72. Committed Action with Dr. DJ Moran

Are you ready to make a behavior change for 2019? Join us for a motivational episode with commitment expert, Dr. DJ Moran! In this episode Dr. Moran shares:

‧Common internal obstacles to behavior change

‧How to make mindfulness accessible

‧How he used values to change his health

‧What is blocking Diana from her New Year’s resolution

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71. Simplify, Declutter, and Create Space for the New Year with Diana and Debbie!

Happy New Year! Do you have a resolution to simplify your life and clear the clutter? Are you tired of being stressed out by too much stuff? In this episode, co-hosts Debbie and Diana explore:

‧How simplifying and slowing down can help you create a more meaningful life

‧Thoughts and emotions that may arise when you finally tackle that closet you’ve been avoiding

‧Why buying the next little gift shop trinket won’t provide you with lasting happiness

‧Helpful strategies from behavioral psychology that can help you declutter your home and simplify your life!

So take a listen if you could use some practical strategies and inspiration in your quest to simplify. We wish you a peaceful and meaningful 2019!

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69. Emotional Intelligence and the Science of Meditation with Dr. Daniel Goleman

Are you emotionally intelligent? Listen to Diana interview Dr. Daniel Goleman, and learn about:

·What it means to be emotionally intelligent

·Why EI trumps IQ when it comes to being a good leader

·How empathy is being impacted by current technology

·Why we should be teaching social emotional skills in our schools

·The neuroscience of meditation, and the differing benefits of different types of meditation

·Three practices the Dali Lama recommends for all of us

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66. Helping People Change Using Motivational Interviewing With Dr. Nadine Mastroleo

Join us for a conversation with Dr. Nadine Mastroleo, an expert in motivational interviewing.

You will learn:

• What is motivational interviewing

• How the motivational interviewing approach sets the stage for behavior change

• How you can use these strategies to increase others’ motivation to change addictive and other problem behaviors

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65. Self-care, Kindness, and Living Well with Dr. Kelly Wilson

In this interview, Diana talks with Dr. Kelly Wilson about kindness and the common humanity of feeling inadequate and broken. Dr. Wilson describes the evolutionary science behind suffering and how “evolutionary mismatch” plays an important role in modern day physical and psychological illness. Dr. Wilson, co-founder of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), demonstrates acceptance and compassion as he describes his personal path to self-care and the regular self-care practices he engages in. On the eve of his retirement, Dr. Wilson shares what’s next for him on his ongoing journey towards kindness and meaning.

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64. Clinician's Corner: Contextual Schema Therapy with Dr. Eckhard Roediger

Join us in our first clinician’s corner segment for a deep dive into contextual schema therapy with Dr. Eckhard Roediger!

Discover how schema therapy fits into the broader market of evidence-based treatments.

Learn about schemas, modes, and mode awareness, and how these concepts are utilized in contextual schema therapy.

Hear about some of the core strategies employed in contextual schema therapy.

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